Self-Service Portals

At inventi we develop custom customer-specific self-service portals.


Bespoke Self-Service Portals


A well thought-out, flexible and functional self-service portal is essential in ensuring excellent customer service. It also answers to the specific ways your business processes are built.

While many off-the-shelf self-service tools are available on the market, we strongly believe that in certain cases it is better to choose the custom development route.


Why Choose Custom Development?

Company sizeicon

Company size

Large enterprises run on complex business processes. Most off-the shelf solutions call to adapt business processes to the software rather than adapting the software to fit the inner workings of your business. A custom developed solution will follow your business rules as you require.
Complex integrationsicon

Complex integrations

Large enterprises have a set of legacy platforms, ERPs, billing solutions that will require numerous integrations. Custom development allows to build a self-service portal around the specifics and limitations of legacy platforms, ensuring they can seamlessly operate in the self-service environment.
Competitive advantageicon

Competitive advantage

A custom-developed platform may provide customer options that are not available off-the-shelf or easily replicable, serving as an unique competitive advantage.
Better ROIicon

Better ROI

High ownership costs in the long run make SaaS off-the-shelf solutions not a feasible option for large enterprises. In addition, the integrations with legacy back office platforms will result in a steep bill of developer man-hours. In the absolute majority of cases, for large enterprises custom-developed self-service platforms will bring in better ROI than the off-the-shelf options.

Competitive Advantage

  • Higher ROI for large enterprise customers serving a vast number of customer relations.
  • Customer-centric and business-specific features.
  • Built to follow company business processes.
  • Provides a unique competitive advantage which is not simple to replicate.

Self-Service for Your Needs

  • A platform built specifically for your needs and around your business processes.
  • Seamless integration with legacy back-office solutions.
  • Inventi expertise of serving the largest enterprises in the Nordic region.