SEPA Gateway

Seamless connection to SEPA payments via the CENTROlink


Efortless SEPA Transactions

Gone are the days of lengthy integrations and complex procedures. Our SEPA Gateway empowers fintechs to fast-track their connection to the SEPA payments network and CENTROlink, reducing implementation timelines from months to weeks.

Here’s what our SEPA Gateway brings to the table:

  • Simplified integration: Say goodbye to complexity as we handle the intricacies of the CENTROlink connection process. Instead of deciphering complicated SEPA requirements, integrate with an intuitive API and efficiently handle all the required SEPA messages. Stay in control while we take care of the technicalities.
  • Comprehensive functionality: our SEPA Gateway provides extensive UI functionality, giving you complete control over your payment operations, liquidity account management, and R-messages handling.
  • Reliable support: Rest assured, our team is here for you every step of the way. From initial setup to ongoing assistance, we’re committed to ensuring a seamless and reliable experience so you can trust in the security and continuity of your SEPA payments.

Join the ranks of successful fintech innovators using our SEPA Gateway to simplify their payment ecosystem. Unlock the full potential of SEPA payments without the usual delays.


  • NEW | SEPA Instant functionality
  • NEW | Integration API to support any core banking platforms
  • NEW | Dashboard UI to manage inquiries, cancellation recalls, stats, initiate manual payments
  • Secured cloud-based solution with disaster recoveries and back-ups.
  • Uses Google Cloud HSM to sign the messages.
  • Transforms payment messages to xml according SEPA Instant and SEPA CT schema.
  • Processes SEPA payment messages from Client’s Bank Engine/Payment Gateway to CENTROlink system and vice versa.


  • Integrates with any core banking platform via an API to provide extra flexibility
  • Full SEPA functionality, now including support for SEPA Instant
  • Inventi speeds-up Time To Market for the Financial Institutions (FI) taking leadership to lead FI through all the testing process with the Bank of Lithuania.
  • Continuous improvements of integration according planned quarterly updates issued by the CENTROlink.
inventi team provided seamless operation delivery when connecting to SEPA payments and CENTROlink. Usually, such projects require a lot of “jumping through hoops” to conform to all the bureaucracies. Working together enabled us to successfully fast-track the process.

Vygandas Jonusas,

CIO at General Financing Bank

Executive Summary

  • Allows to kick-start payment operations for financial instutitions.
  • Integrates with any core banking platform.
  • Already in-use by multiple financial institutions.
  • Significantly reduces time-to-market.
  • Continous updates with a peace of mind.