Bespoke Factoring Software

Factoring Software Platform to Accelerate Growth

Client: SME Finance

SME Finance is the largest factoring services provider in the Baltic States. The company aims to support the growth of small and medium-sized companies. SME Finance provided clients with more than 500M Eur in funding.

Our Experience

Fast growth of SME Finance business reached a tipping point, when major overhaul of processes was required. 

Inventi developed a core financial services platform which takes care of factoring accounting. The platform significantly reduced human resources to manage transactions, invoices, interest calculations and automating many of the steps along the way.

The system makes use of the EventstoreDB stream database to address the finance industry’s compliance and audit requirements.

The platform also serves as the backbone for further system development. Integration with customer self-service enabled SME Finance clients to upload invoices and account balances which are automatically processed by the core system.

Executive Summary

The core factoring platform is the foundation to service a large factoring portfolio and is future-proof to facilitate further company growth